Web Components

The XEO Framework Visual Layer (XEO Web Components) provides a rich set of components to allow you to build your applications faster and better. The components include tree panels, grid panels, charts, form fields (text, number, date, html), message boxes, progress bars and many others.
Each component has a specific purpose but most of them are flexible with several options. You can also customize their behavior using Java, or, if you need, you can create your own components (from scratch or extending existing ones) or, change the behavior of existing ones by creating a component plug-in.
Use the Open Demo button to open a demo application to see the list of components provided by the XEO framework (divided in two categories: XVW components and XEO Components). XVW Components are generic components which do not need to be binded to a XEO Model and could be used to create custom viewers. Some of those components, however, can be binded to XEO Model instances (namely the form field attributes). XEO Components are binded to XEO Model instances.
Open Demos