XEO Studio

XEO Studio is an Eclipse Plug-in to help create XEO Applications. It allows you to setup a local development environment (setting up database connections, J2EE server settings for deployment and configuring the XEO Application) to get you started.

XEO Studio provides a set of wizards to create New XEO Object Models, XEO Lovs, XEO Web Viewers and Components and also has a set of graphical editors for XEO Models and XEO Lovs. The Graphical Editor is depicted in figure 1 (a composition of the source (XML) and graphical edit modes).
XEO Web Viewers also use a XML-syntax and XEO Studio provides a XML editor with content assist (to provide the XEO Web Components properties and documentation to the developer), as depicted in figure 2
Using XEO Studio you can also generate (scaffold) XEO Viewers from XEO Model definitions (and integrate those viewers as entries in a Main Viewer menu).

XEO Studio also provides the tools to upgrade to a new version of the framework, change the project properties (database, J2EE server, etc..) and allows you to install XEO Modules in your project.

You can export your projects to a XAR file (which you can import in another XEO Studio installation), or use the EAR export wizard to create an EAR file which can then be used to deploy the application in any J2EE-compliant server.