XEO Products
The XEO Framework is composed by a set of products:
XEO Core is the "heart" of the XEO Platform and provides the mechanisms to process XEO Model definitions, create the necessary supporting structures (such as database tables, database constraints, relations between XEO Models, java classes, etc.) and is responsible for the runtime environment.
XEO Web Components is the visual layer of a XEO application. XEO Web Components provide a runtime environment that allows you to create the (web) interface of a XEO Application and interact with XEO Model instances using XEO Viewers. A XEO Viewer is a container of XEO Web Components which together create the layout (and behavior) of a web page. There are several pre-defined viewers which allow you to list XEO Model instances, edit the values of a specific instance or find a specific instance.
XEO Studio is an Eclipse Plugin to help creating a XEO Application. It allows you to setup a local development environment (setting up database connections, J2EE server settings for deployment and configuring the XEO Application) to get you started and also provides a set of wizards that allow you to create XEO Models, XEO Web Viewers, Custom XEO Web Components and more. XEO Studio also provides graphical editors for XEO Models and tools to generate (scaffold) XEO Web Viewers from a XEO Model definition.