The XEO Framework is distributed as a XAR (XEO ARchive, much like a JAR file) which can be used within XEO Studio to create a new application.

In order to start a new application you can download XEO All in One Installer (Windows).

Or if you're not on Windows or already have Eclipse, JBoss and MySQL, you should download XEO Studio, download the latest XEO Framework release and create a new XEO Project with the given XAR.
XEO Installer All in One (version 1.0.0)
You should download this package if you're a Windows User and want a simple installer that includes MySQL, JBoss, Eclipse, XEO Studio and XEO Core.

XEO Framework (version 1.0.0)
You can download the XEO Framework's latest release at our project page in source forge.

XEO Studio (version 1.0.0 - bundled with XEO Framework 1.0.0)
XEO Studio is the Eclipse plugin that provides the development environment for a XEO Application. XEO Studio comes bundled with a specific version of the XEO Framework, but may not be the most updated one, so we recommend that you always download the latest release and create projects with that release. XEO Studio is also available at our source forge page.

Ok, I've downloaded XEO Studio, how do I start?
You should start by reading the basic XEO Concepts. Then, you can proceed to the XEO Library Example, first you should read the XEO Library introduction and once you know what you need to do you can install the XEO Development Environment.
Developing XEO (Coming Soon...)
If you want to improve XEO, or fix a bug, you can download our "Developing XEO Project". The Developing XEO Project is a sample application with XEO's source code attached so that you change the XEO Source Code and see the changes reflected in your application. (Requires XEO Studio)